Application Updates

Wear App Manager is under active development; enhancements and bug fixes are continually being worked on. Below you'll find a history of these updates, with a brief list of the changes which occurred in each.

Version Date Summary of Changes
7.0.2 6 May 2017
  • Fix a couple of rare crashes
  • Fix bug in overflow Action menus in landscape on some phones
  • Fix some minor issues associated with the final Wear 2.0 release
7.0.1 12 Mar 2017
  • Never released from beta
  • Fix bug: notifications on handheld not reliable on some devices
  • Fix a couple of rare crashes
7.0 21 Feb 2017
  • Full support for Android Wear 2.0
  • New actions on watch (Wear 2 only): System settings, Open on Google Play
  • Add Watch Faces and (on Wear 2) Complications to detail screen
  • Add Cache to Storage detail card
  • Add APK signature hash to Internals detail card
  • Add round icon for Pixel (and other compatible phones)
  • Improve performance of handheld app
  • Improve data synchronization between devices
  • Fix bug: last Action label on detail screen truncated on some device/language combinations
  • Fix bug in “Send log to developer” function
6.1 8 Aug 2016
  • Add privacy policy link to About screen
  • Modify app (launcher) icon
  • Reduce size of APKs
  • Fix crash from notifications in German
6.0 10 Jul 2016
  • Support uninstall from watch only on Android Wear 2
  • Add icons to Detail cards
  • Improve reliability of device connection
  • Fix bug: multiple devices not visible in dropdown
  • Fix bug: uninstalled apps not disappearing from list
5.0 16 Jul 2015
  • Add support for multiple wearable devices
  • Add sort orders for install & update date/time
  • Add new notification icons (on handheld)
  • Refactor data handling
  • Relabel some permissions to refer to watch rather than phone
  • Revise About screen
  • Disable watch-side notifications of app installs by default (Android 5.1 has its own)
  • Fix a couple of notification bugs
  • Fix crash when About screen is opened a second time
4.1 12 Apr 2015
  • Add app count to title bar of list screen
  • Add animation when opening detail screen on phones
  • Add option for public notification visibility (Android 5 only)
  • Revise notifications to include app icon(s) on Android 5
  • Fix bug: website link from About screen not working
  • Fix bug: app crash after tap on some rows in About screen
  • Fix bug: Action icons sometimes not showing on detail screen
  • Fix bug: CAB title doesn't survive orientation change
  • Fix some minor layout issues
  • Fix some rare crash bugs
4.0 26 Mar 2015
  • Change app icon (by popular demand)
  • Add notifications for app install, uninstall, and update on watch
  • Add multiple-select actions on app list page (long-press to activate)
  • Add grid-layout option for app list
  • Add translations for German, French, Spanish, and Russian
  • Add date installed & updated to Internals
  • Add Open Source info to About dialog
  • Overhaul permissions display
  • Improve support for unusual app circumstances (sideloaded, system apps, etc)
  • Improve support for different-sized screens
  • More Material Design
3.0 9 Jan 2015
  • New app icon
  • Add actions: Launch on watch, Share link
  • Add option for sort by size (on wearable)
  • Add Refresh function
  • Add additional confirmation for uninstall
  • Add versionCode to detail page
  • Show Wear apps installed only on phone, or only on watch
  • Update in real time as apps are un/installed
  • Redesign app detail page
  • Incorporate elements of Material Design
  • Improve data connection between handheld & wearable
2.0 23 Sep 2014
  • Add storage data, both by app and for device
  • Add version information
  • Show permissions actually used on-device
  • Fix some formatting issues
1.0 30 Aug 2014
  • Initial release